Looking for fresh ways to
image the Spirit?

Our Challwood Studio partnership of Victor Challenor and Paul Woodrum captures the mystical through textile iconography. Victor brings to the enterprise a love of fashion design and a spirituality forged by sixteen years as a lay brother in the Episcopal Church's Order of the Holy Cross and then as sacristan at the Church of the Intercession in his native New York City. Paul is an Episcopal priest who pastored parishes for 15 years, studied architecture and did a stint in fund raising for not-for-profit social service and justice agencies. He brings a discerning and practical approach to liturgy and its ornaments.

Victor and Paul Victor and Paul, Easter Day 2011
Episcopal Church of St. Margaret of Antioch, Plainview, NY

What follows is not a catalog of items to be ordered, but a gallery to inspire. We hope it will fire your imagination. When you are ready for something beyond the ordinary, we urge you to contact us that we can work together to create an exciting visual expression that is sure to enhance your message.


Victor Challenor & Paul Woodrum
partners, Challwood Studio
members, Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts