Celtic RobeChallwood was born in 1985 at a dinner party of church folk. The conversation turned to church vestments, how standard and ordinary they had become and how too many lacked spirituality and artistic imagination and integrity. A seminary senior asked what we would design for her upcoming ordination. As her heritage was Scots-Irish and her husband a Scot, our response was, "Something Celtic!" A book with illustrations from the Book of Kells was produced. Before the evening was over we produced a sketch and had our first commission.

detailSince then we have dedicated ourselves to producing works that express the spiritual part of human experience through fine, custom designed and hand-crafted contemporary liturgical vestments, pulpit robes and textile appointments that celebrate and image the ministry and mission of the church, especially at defining moments.

Challwood textile appointments are custom designed and hand-crafted of fine quality silk that is light in weight, strong, and holds color beautifully. Metallic golds and silvers as well as brocades are also available. Linings are generally of silk or a cotton blend. We are pleased to present a sampling of our work.

Victor Challenor & Paul Woodrum
partners, Challwood Studio